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Announcing: The $300.00 USB Professional Intraoral Camera that ships with online

Setup and Integration into your own Windows based Dental Software

(Compatible with 95% of International Dental Applications)

The DentalSnap® I can probably be regarded as the simplest, easiest to use and most compatible intraoral camera on the market today. Not only that, but it surely has to count among the most affordable intraoral on the market when taken into account the level of service and support it ships with. Light as a feather, and with the kind of "dental-mirror" type dimensions you have become accustomed to, the DentalSnap® 1 simply plugs into an open USB 2.0 port and in seconds is ready to start displaying exceptional clarity live video or to start crystal clear super VGA resolution snapshots with the click of a button. It ships with a rugged quick-connect 2.5 m USB cable that allows it sufficient reach from a trolley based laptop, or your desktop PC in your practice. The DentalSnap® 1 is a true plug and play device, and installs itself within seconds when plugged into an open USB 2.0 port on any Windows XP service Pack 2 PC right through to those running Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems. Compatibility of this unit is fantastic, as it provides seamless integration into any patient management software application that recognises a USB imaging device.

Great Integration

The Dentalsnap™ 1 USB Intraoral Camera provides seamless integration with most dental patient management applications. True plug and play compatibility in Microsoft's Windows operating systems allows you to simply plug the unit into an open USB 2.0 port your camera is ready to start working for you. Simply select the "USB device" as your imaging source and you're good to go. Of course, there may be some older versions of legacy software out there that does not support the current standards, but the Dentalsnap™ 1 USB Intraoral Camera is compatible with a huge list of current dental software applications including the following. Digora, Apteryx, DentiMax, EagleSoft, PracticeWorks, SoftDent,  AbleDent, CliniView, Prof Suni, Detal4Windows, Schick DCR, Oasis, Dexis, Dentrix, Easydental and more. Click here for more

Ships with a free 30x Magnification Slip-On Lens

Not only does the Dentalsnap™ 1 USB Intraoral Camera represent the best value for money available, but it just raised the bar by being one of the only cameras of its kind that ships with a free 30x magnification lens. The standard magnification factor for most intraoral cameras is about 10 X, but if you really need to zoom into or find the finest detail such as emerging cracks and fissures, then the 30 X hyper magnification lens will come in handy. It simply slips over the camera head of the Dentalsnap™ 1 USB Intraoral Camera, and immediately the most incredibly fine detail becomes perfectly visible as indicated in these comparison photos below. These are original and edited photos taken with the Dentalsnap™ 1 USB Intraoral Camera.
Dentalsnap I USB Cabled US$ 310.00 + Shipping Buy Now International
Buy Now Australia - GST Incl Dentalsnap I USB Cabled AU$ 330.00 + Shipping
Warranty Terms and Conditions
Your DentalSnap® intraoral camera ships three days after clearance of payment. All shipments are conducted through express courier services such as UPS, DHL, TNT or EMS depending on which shipping service offers the best value to your particular country and destination. DentalSnap® intraoral cameras ship with a 12 month exchange warranty for any defects not caused by abuse, as well as a 90 day moneyback guarantee. Should your DentalSnap® intraoral camera developed a problem, please contact us by e-mail to advise. More here We are dedicated to make sure that you are entirely satisfied with your DentalSnap® intraoral camera. In order to help you to install your camera, we include a comprehensive training and installation video on each installation CD that ships with your DentalSnap® intraoral camera. These videos are also available on YouTube. One is a basic overview of the DentalSnap® intraoral cameras, and the other provides a fairly detailed overview of the included software and installation procedure. However, if you cannot get your camera installed properly, you are entitled to a free online support session. Simply download the Teamviewer online support module here and install it. Then, send us an e-mail when you would like us to connect to your computer. Your computer has to be on and connected to the Internet, and you have to have your DentalSnap® intraoral camera fully charged and ready to plug into your open USB 2.0 port. When you are ready, just call us on +61412814046 and we can start the session. You will be asked to run the Teamviewer software which will generate a unique ID and password which you will have to provide, either telephonically or by Skype instant messaging. Our Skype ID is crikeymatetrading. We manage to resolve 99% of all support problems using this method.
FAQ and Technical Support Standard 10x Magnification with 30x Magnifier lens Tiny Copy-Proof printing on an Australian $20.00 Note The same detail with the 30x Magnification lens Free 30x Lens What others say
Hi Hilton, I'm pleased with the wireless intraoral camera. It gives suitable detail for enamel defects and erosion, and is also lightweight and convenient. I didn't think I would find something suitable for my needs within this price range, so thank you.Regards, Dr Mary Apps, Brisbane
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