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Announcing: The $500.00 Field-Proven 2.4 Ghz USB Wireless Intraoral Camera that

ships with online Setup and Integration into your Own Windows based Dental Software

(Compatible with 95% of International Dental Applications)

The DentalSnap® II can be regarded as a nextgenerational intraoral camera that combines “exceptional digital images” with “exceptional convenience.” The camera provides users with high- quality image capture. In addition, the DentalSnap® 2 has a very wide angle of view that captures all angles of the oral cavity. it also sports a continuous autofocus lens which provides a 10 to 15 times image magnification factor at the shortest focal distance of about 5 mm. The anti-fog spherical lens can also be used for extra oral work due to its infinity focus after passing its primary focal distance of between 5 mm and 50 mm. These features are intended to make capturing images easier. Most of our current users commented on the great features such as ease of use and compatibility andintegration into the practice. They also commented on the fact that the staff find these Wireless cameras to be light, comfortable and very easy to handle. The wireless aspect makes for above average staff satisfaction.

Ease of Use

DentalSnap® 2 has a light-weight rounded design so it fits well in the hand of the user. it also ships with a high capacity rechargeable battery which carries enough charge to carry it through a whole day’s worth of chairside work. The intraoral ships with a charging station and connects to the power source via a mini USB port. Initially, until such time as you get the hang of it it could be slightly fidgety in terms of getting an immediate fit. The camera is activated by means of a slide-on switch on the side. In addition, images are acquired upon release of the capture button, allowing for single-handed operation and eliminating the possibility of blurry images and the need for image retakes. Once the unit is installed you can easily carry it around from room to room and just plug it in. It takes seconds to be ready. When asked about ease of use, most clients rated it as excellent, 2 rated it as very good, and 3 rated it as good. Three listed ease of use as one of their favorite features of the camera. One said, “I like the ease of use of the capture feature,” and another said, “I like that it’s so light and portable.” A third evaluator said, “I like the portability between operatories.”

Ease of Integration

The Dentalsnap can be fully integrated into a practice using USB 2.0 ports. Three evaluators rated ease of integration of Polaris as excellent, 3 rated it as very good, and 2 rated it as good. Two evaluators commented that the camera integrated easily with their practice management system.

Image Quality

Demtalsnap II uses Fixed Focus rather than auto-focus, so all objects from 5 mm to 50 mm remain in focus without the need for adjustment. When asked to rate the image quality 3 clients rated it as excellent, 2 rated it as very good, and 3 rated it as good. A few evaluators thought the image could be “crisper” and commented on difficulty holding the camera steady. This can be overcome by placing the camera on the patient’s opposing arch to help steady it vs holding the camera freely. To zoom in or out, the patient should gently open or close the mouth until the clinician gets the desired image. Several other clients named image quality as one of the features they like best about Dentalsnap II. One said, “The focus is great.” Another said Dentalsnap produces “great pictures.”

Staff Satisfaction

Theclients were asked to comment on their staff’s reaction to Dentalsnap. Three rated staff satisfaction as excellent, 1 rated it as very good, 3 rated it as good. One said his staff “found it pretty easy to master.”

Overall Satisfaction

Seven clients said they would definitely or probably recommend Dentalsnap to their colleagues and purchase it again in the future. When asked about their overall satisfaction with the camera, 2 rated it as excellent, 5 rated it as very good, and 1 rated it as fair. One of the evaluators listed several features of the Polaris that he likes, including the camera’s lightweight design, head size, and the fit of the plastic sheaths. Another evaluator said, “I have used many other intraoral cameras in other offices and this one ranks at the top of my list.”
Dental Camera Dentalsnap II Wireless US$ 520.00 + Shipping Buy Now International
Buy Now Australia - GST Incl Dentalsnap II Wireless AU$550.00 + Shipping
Your DentalSnap® intraoral camera ships three days after clearance of payment. All shipments are conducted through express courier services such as UPS, DHL, TNT or EMS depending on which shipping service offers the best value to your particular country and destination. DentalSnap® intraoral cameras ship with a 12 month exchange warranty for any defects not caused by abuse, as well as a 90 day moneyback guarantee. Should your DentalSnap® intraoral camera developed a problem, please contact us by e-mail to advise. Include as much detail as possible, and with photos or screen captures should the problem be visible. Together we will work on resolving your problem from there. In most cases, the problem should be fairly easy to determine and if it is not caused by any abuse, we will ship you a replacement unit right away. If we cannot resolve your problem and it is impossible for our service department to determine the cause of the problem, we may need you to ship the unit back to us at our office address in Australia. After receiving your product, we will inspect it and if possible repair it, and should we determine that the problem was caused by abuse such as short-circuiting due to immersion in liquid, or excessive dropping, we will contact you to see if we can resolve the problem by direct is offering you a demonstration model at a reduced price. If not, you're guarantee on the unit would be null and void, and we would send you a quote for a new unit. We are dedicated to make sure that you are entirely satisfied with your DentalSnap® intraoral camera. In order to help you to install your camera, we include a comprehensive training and installation video on each installation CD that ships with your DentalSnap® intraoral camera. These videos are also available on YouTube. One is a basic overview of the DentalSnap® intraoral cameras, and the other provides a fairly detailed overview of the included software and installation procedure. However, if you cannot get your camera installed properly, you are entitled to a free online support session. Simply download the Teamviewer online support module here and install it. Then, send us an e-mail when you would like us to connect to your computer. Your computer has to be on and connected to the Internet, and you have to have your DentalSnap® intraoral camera fully charged and ready to plug into your open USB 2.0 port. When you are ready, just call us on +61412814046 and we can start the session. You will be asked to run the Teamviewer software which will generate a unique ID and password which you will have to provide, either telephonically or by Skype instant messaging. Our Skype ID is crikeymatetrading. We manage to resolve 99% of all support problems using this method.
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